Dribb.com Launches New Premium Streaming Service & Creates New Brand!

Our Dribb.com brand today launched it’s new Premium Radio Streaming service, the new premium service comes with a new control panel – Dribb Cast – that offers a more modern & fresh control panel for customers to enjoy across multiple devices (desktop, tablet & smartphone), allowing customers to manage their radio stations on any device.

Dribb Cast itself has been launched as a stand alone service, while the plans will be sold under the Dribb.com name, Dribb Cast has it’s own domain name where all servers will be operating from.

Dribb Cast comes with a powerful Auto DJ system that allows track uploads via the panel or via FTP, drag & drop tracks into the playlist desired, it also allows customers to use the HTML5 player code on their websites, allows accounts to be created using Shoutcast v2.5, Shoutcast v2.6, Icecast v2 and Icecast v2 KH.

Dribb Cast fully support the new Shoutcast.com premium software plans for customers that have purchased this, includes full HTTPS (SSL) secured audio streaming and a lot more.

The website can be found here: dribbcast.com

Dribb Cast alongside the new Premium Plans are part of a broader shift by Dribb.com into catering for the professional segment of internet radio broadcasters, initial feedback by the beta testers has been exceptional, we expect Dribb.com & Dribb Cast to grow and continue to improve and develop the platform and with a pipeline full of improvements and new features already, this looks set to become a major new service.

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